Swimming With Dolphins

And Other Underwater Experiences


I was recently reminded of the adventures my husband and I had while swimming with dolphins in Cabo several years ago.  Since all of the dolphins were rescued and had previously worked in rehabilitation centers, my disability wasn’t an issue.  I suited up in the closest fitting life vest they had and entered the water, with Guy holding onto me.  Even though we were with a small group of people, Jenny (that’s what I named her) kept swimming close to me. It was amazing.

The real adventures began when she took each of us for a spin around the pool.  I hung onto her fins and let her rip.  Those little mammals are really powerful BTW.  Before I was halfway around the pool my strength gave out and I found myself face down in a very deep pool of water.  The not so well-fitted life jacket kept me afloat, however, being a bit oversized it also held my head down.  So I patiently held my breath and hoped my husband could swim really fast.  I was actually rescued by the trainer (clothes and all) as he was able to dive off the platform and reach me quicker than Guy could.  The trainer towed me to safety and to my surprise, Jenny pushed my dragging feet with her nose (something she had learned while working in the rehab center).

The experience was something I’ll always treasure and will  never forget – especially since the photographer suggested I try it again and the results were exactly the same.

For more fun underwater tales checkout my niece’s new book at http://www.astritheoyster.com

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