Little Bit Horse Show


Last weekend was Little Bit’s annual horse show, where riders are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and instructors and volunteers get to showoff their riders.  As usual, this year’s event was the crowning event of the season.

Even though temperatures reached the 80’s, the show went off without a hitch.  Young faces beamed as riders received their ribbons and parents snapped pictures to capture every moment.  Little Bit’s amazing horses were decked out with braided manes and patiently tolerated the heat and long hours. The day was capped off with a delicious barbecue featuring hotdogs, hamburgers and Margie’s famous baked beans.

It was an amazing day, with so many people to thank, from the staff and volunteers that put in weeks of service to keep the show running smoothly, to the Redmond fire Department for contributing their time and fire truck to prepare the facility prior to the show and cool off the participants after the barbecue.

From one grateful rider – thank you Little Bit, from the bottom of my heart.


Pictures courtesy of Debbie Bacon (Little Bit volunteer)


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