Fun On The Alpaca Ranch


When Guy and I moved to Camano two years ago, I noticed a number of alpaca ranches on the island.  I was especially intrigued by the huge herd grazing in the fields just south of the bridge leading onto the island.   Each time we passed the alpaca ranch I became more and more curious.  Until I finally Googled “Alpaca ranches on Camano Island.”  This is what I found  And guess what–I knew the owners!!!!

Every chance I had, I grilled Ann and Nathanial (or their daughter Renee) about their alpaca ranch.  They’re totally eager to share their knowledge and frequently host tours of the ranch.  Although I had been to the ranch a couple of times in the past, last Friday  was the best.  I traipsed out in the fields with Ann, Renee and baby Vincent and experienced the alpacas up close and personal.

curious Artimus



I had a blast!!!

At this point the ranch has a herd of over 200 alpacas, but most of them were in the lower fields.  They’re expecting about 50 new crias (babies) this year and I got to meet one of the first, born just a week ago.  I also met a friendly little male named Artimus.

Alpacas are extremely curious animals, and very friendly.  With a little coaxing from Renee, Artimus came right over to me.  His clucking sounds were endearing and he was quite the nuzzler.  Now I see why alpaca wool is used for clothing, it’s really soft.  alpca3

I highly recommend a visit to Sentinel Alpaca Ranch next time you’re on the island.  It’s WAY better than a petting zoo.

Beware Of Animals That Think Wheelchairs Are Toys

One caveat when visiting any animals while in a wheelchair —

wildlife preserve in Oregon

Beware of the toy factor.  Joey, a retired cutting horse, seemed to think the pads on my wheelchair were toys.  Before I knew it, one was hanging from his mouth.  That wouldn’t be the first time.  Many horses think my joystick’s a carrot.  And even heavy duty wheelchairs are susceptible when it comes to goats.DSCN1319



4 thoughts on “Fun On The Alpaca Ranch”

  1. I noticed you looked especially pretty in that photo, but didn’t notice the ears until she pointed them out, haha. Thanks for the warning about playful animals and chairs; and their propensity to be curious about them. I was waiting for the bus in Burton last summer, just relaxing in my chair after a breezy cruise around the Peninsula. The bus pulled up, Driver opens the door, and a giant-sized German Shepard pup bounds down the steps, towing his little girl behind him on her leash! Without pausing-she leaps in my lap- which was already occupied by Puffin! Fortunately Puf is not particularly territorial, and loves to play, so no harm was done. Unless you ask the disheveled person who was on the bottom of the pile. Pretty funny, huh?

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    1. That’s hysterical Mary. Yes, I’ve noticed that dogs and cats think wheelchair laps are a great place to land. I’ve also found that my wheels seem to be a great place for dogs to pee. 😦


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